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Inste is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and we thank the Lord for the great impact INSTE has had around the world in over 40 nations and 17 languages.

In 1982, Dr. Leona Janzen de Venditti first initiated the institute of Theology by Extension/Instituto Teológico por Extensión (better known as INSTE) in Spain. Since its inception, INSTE's impact was immediately noticed and it soon began to spread throughout the Spanish speaking world. In 1987 Nick Venditti and Leona Janzen were married and continued ministering together in the development, including the massive undertaking of the revision of the INSTE curriculum. Both Drs. Nick and Leona Venditti have given their lives to ensure the INSTE program is used to train disciples, pastors, and leaders for many generations to come. In 2018, Drs. Nick and Leona Venditti stepped down from their active role with Inste Bible College. They both are a national treasure for Open Bible Churches and the Kingdom of God and continue to mentor many as they share their deep wealth of knowledge and experience. We are forever grateful to Drs. Nick and Leona for their continual and unwavering support, counsel and help to ensure INSTE continues to grow around the world.

As so many current and former students can testify, the INSTE courses help to equip you to fulfill the calling of God upon your life. We know that many of you want to congratulate Drs. Nick and Leona Venditti and the INSTE family for this important milestone event. We would ask you to please share your testimonies and express your appreciation on this special website page we have designed. Thank you for being such an integral part of our INSTE family.

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02/01/2024 - katana
Bendigo al Señor por este bello Instituto por extensión INSTE Fue un placer cursar el 2do nivel y este año 2023 en Octubre terminar y llevar a cabo nuestra graduación . Dios los siga sosteniendo en victoria Hno Nicolás y Lena Ventti Agradecidos también con nuestros mentores y maestros Hno Lauro y Gina Reyna y nuestra amada Marcela Martínez. Mil gracias y Dios los recompense por toda la paciencia y la enseñanza valiosa que nos aportaron. Que Dios nos ayude para ponerla en práctica . Si amén
01/07/2024 - Jocabeth Ramos
Dear Drs. Nick and Leona Venditti, I would like to thank you for the Inste program. I graduated from INSTE in 2007 and was hired shortly there after by Prison Fellowship. I have been with the ministry for nearly 17 years now and I hold the title of Director of Correctional Programs for the Midwest. I manage a team of 8. The program has equipped me as a leader for the work I do in prisons in several states. I will be forever grateful to you for INSTE. May the Lord bless you tremendously on the next leg of your journey.
01/07/2024 - Denise Harris

09/15/2023 - Elena Escalante Rodas
me gustaría estudiar de nuevo inste. como lo podría hacer, antes vivía en España, pero ahora vivo en los Ángeles California.
08/03/2023 - Jeanette Lopez
Congratulations to my good friends! Several years ago at the promotion of Billie Graham, I saw a cartoon. Christ was standing clasped in the arms of kneeling Billie. The caption said "Several million people would like to greet you'' Or something like that. I thought of you and wondered to myself how many grandchildren are in heaven --or will be when the trumpet sounds because of your faithfulness and talents. May God continue to bless your ministry. (that is singular because the ministry is united as one.) Love ya both Bonnie
06/20/2023 - Bonnie Clark
Congratulations on 40 years!!
06/15/2023 - Nancy and Ralph Vencill
Thank you, Nick and Leona for giving your lives in the service of the Lord! Thanks you for creating INSTE to train and enable others to fulfill the Great Commission! We love and appreciate you and honor you on this special 40th Anniversary of INSTE! God's hand is upon you!
06/15/2023 - Tom & Sherry Moore
We are so thankful to the Lord, founders Leona and Nick, Vince and all of those working to make disciples and take the gospel to the nations. We are blessed to have such an amazing resource to disciple the nations. May God continue to be honored and glorified as many are discipled and His Kingdom advances!
06/15/2023 - Nancy and Andy Wagler
Congratulations on your many years of faithful service! You two have had such an impact for the Kingdom, and the depth will not be known until Heaven. We love you.
06/15/2023 - Kathleen A and Greg Mast
Merci pour tous les efforts que vous avez faits pour mettre en place cette formation ! Que Dieu vous bénisse richement !
06/12/2023 - Pierre
En verdad le doy gracias a Dios por haber podido usar tan grandes vasijas de Honra como lo son los doctores Nick Y Lena Venditti, para ser de bendición para las naciones, dentro de ellas, para Aruba en donde vivo yo y muchos mas que tuvimos el privilegio de ser parte de este Instituto INSTE, que es una herramienta de vital importancia para la Iglesia de Cristo. Gracias, gracias por dejarse usar, gracias por ser un ejemplo a seguir, tambien gracias a todos esos hombres y mujeres del Reino que estan con ustedes en éste llamado. Dios siga siendo exaltado en y atraves de sus vidas. Con amor me despido desde la Isla de Aruba y la Iglesia Good Samaritan Christian Center. Sandra Francees
06/11/2023 - Sandra Francees
To Nick & Leona Venditti and the whole Inste family. Today together with all of you we are celebrating this wonderful milestone of 40 years with you. You made it possible for so many different nations to be able to participate, even for all of us in Aruba. I am so grateful for all I have learned and could have applied in my life through Inste. Not only for myself but also for those around me. I committed to living for God instead of others with the help of the Holy Spirit guiding me in the right direction. I had to grow and am still growing in patience, love for one another, self controle and all the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I know now that God loves me and that i am a child of Him. God showed me that being a “Christian” isn’t about just doing good works. I got saved through grace and it’s my duty to bring as many people as i can to Christ, not only by telling them but also showing them what Christ has done for and in me. He has given me fulfillment and purpose and joy. Today I want to thank Inste for helping me to be a disciple for Christ. Thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly all the days of your life. Mitzy Schouten Good Samaritan Christian Center Aruba
06/11/2023 - Mitzy (maria) Schouten
We are grateful for the opportunity to have access to this great courses. We are proud to boast that INSTE curriculum and it's textbooks are of no kind in Ghana. We have had pastors of denominations, holding several degrees in theology, reapply to start inste course. They always confess that, they thought h they had got it all but the volume of one inste textbooks alone makes them accept, they are many they haven't learnt. To the founders, Nick and Leona, we pray for more grace on you. Your labour has created many genuine pastors in this dispensation. Open Bible Ghana now has it that, every pastor to be licenced should be a graduate of INSTE. WE ARE PROUD OF NICK AND LEONA
Merci Lena et Nick Venditti pour vos cours qui sont très utiles dans notre Eglise locale. La pédagogie est très efficace et les étudiants progressent en découvrant par eux-mêmes des vérités bibliques dans la Parole par eux-mêmes. Nous utilisons Inste dans notre Eglise depuis 2014 et nous avons formé près de 90 étudiants avec le premier module. Que Dieu vous bénisse abondamment et merci pour votre ministère qui permet la formation biblique dans les Eglises locales. Jean-Marc Botteron, pasteur à Toulouse Ouest, France.
06/08/2023 - Jean-Marc Botteron
Thanks you for Inste 🙏 it's a true blessing to follow those lecture through everyday of the book May God bless even further any student of Inste🙌 May God be upon you 🙏
06/08/2023 - Arnaud Astoury
Merci beaucoup pour ces 4 années de formation que je vais clôturer le 25 juin prochain avec l'examen final😀. J'ai tellement appris et je suis profondément reconnaissante à Dieu pour cette œuvre qu'il vous a permis de réaliser pour la croissance spirituelle de quiconque s'est engagé dans ce parcours de formation ! Étant professeur des Écoles, je dois souligner le caractère profondément pédagogique de cette méthode qui a été (et restera !) une source inépuisable pour mieux comprendre et m'imprégner de la Parole. Tout simplement : merci à Lena et Nick ! Et que Dieu vous accompagne encore et toujours en déversant sur vous ses bénédictions en abondance. 🙏🙏🙏
06/08/2023 - Corinne LECOMTE
From Pastor Janet Lin, INSTE Taiwan coordinator: 祝賀INSTE 40週年快樂! 首先要謝謝Nick和Leona,因您們忠心堅持完成上帝的呼召,而讓神的話能有系統地進入許許多多人的生命中!謝謝Ricky牧師付上許多代價,努力地讓中文出版,讓INSTE進入華人世界,打開福音的門!INSTE在2018年進入台灣懷恩團隊,過去五年我們有超過150位學生學習,也舉辦了四屆畢業典禮,共有79位畢業生,其中大多數都是教會的牧者、領袖及同工,還包含我們上海的分堂!感謝神讓我們有機會使用INSTE,也看見教會的確培育了許多領袖,當我們更深了解神的話,服事就更加有能力了! 聖 經 都 是 神 所 默 示 的 , 於 教 訓 、 督 責 、 使 人 歸 正 、 教 導 人 學 義 都 是 有 益 的 , 叫 屬 神 的 人 得 以 完 全 , 預 備 行 各 樣 的 善 事 。(提 摩 太 後 書 3:16-17) 40週年快樂!願神繼續擴張INSTE的疆界! Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of INSTE! First of all, I would like to thank Nick and Leona, because of your faithfulness and persistence in fulfilling God's call, so that God's words can systematically enter the lives of many, many people! Thank you, Pastor Ricky, for much sacrifice and hard work to have the Chinese translations published, enabling INSTE to enter the Chinese world, and open the door of the Gospel! INSTE joined the Grace Ministry team in Taiwan in 2018. In the past five years, we have had more than 150 students and held four graduation ceremonies. We have a total of 79 graduates, most of whom are pastors, leaders and co-workers of the church. It also includes our branch church in Shanghai! Thank God for giving us the opportunity to use INSTE, and we have seen that the church has indeed cultivated many leaders. When we understand God's words better, we can serve with greater power! 16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. (2 Tim. 3:16-17 ESV) Happy 40th Anniversary! May God continue to expand the boundaries of INSTE!
06/03/2023 - Pastor Janet Lin
I wish to congratulate Drs. Nick & Leona Venditti as we approach the 40th anniversary of INSTE. Someone has said that anyone can count the number of seeds in an apple but no one can count the number of apples in one seed. When Dr. Leona gave birth to INSTE who would have even imagined the number of “apples” that seed would produce- - and yet, only eternity will truly reveal the full amount. We thank God for the spiritual transformation that has taken place in both students and facilitators of the INSTE program in many Caribbean countries and we anticipate that there will be more, shouldJesus tarry. We pay tribute to two giants of the faith- Drs. Nick and Leona Venditti. Andy & Ann Marie Homer Trinidad & Tobago
06/02/2023 - Ann Marie Homer
Drs. "V", you guys are amazing! Did you ever imagine the impact INSTE would have throughout the world? God has used INSTE to help form disciples, which most likely are being multiplied all over the world! But God is not done yet, there is still a lot more to be done. Personally, I want to thank you for the impact you have had in my own walk. Almost 30 years ago, you helped me fall in love with the Word of God which has been shaping my life. You thought me how to study the Bible and apply God’s Truths in my life; not only through the books of INSTE, but through your own lives. Your own lives have reflected the things you have thought us. You guys have been such a model of genuine faith and an inspiration to me. And now, we continue to train, disciple, and inspire others to live a life of faith as we train others how to study the Scriptures through INSTE. I still remember the model of disciple-multiplication: You disciple 1, that disciples 1, now there are 2 disciples; those 2, disciple 2, now there are 4; 4 disciple 4 more, now there are 8; 8 turns into 16, 16 into 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4,096, etc., etc. Could you imagine, how many disciples have been made through INSTE? Some of us have gone to make more than just 1, but many! INSTE has been a tool that has honored God! May God, continue to bless INSTE, as it endeavors to make more disciples! Thank you, Drs. “V”.
05/31/2023 - Frank
From Pastor Raffy Quiñones in the Philippines We have 8 current groups of INSTE with a total of 68 students. Two groups are in Tagalog language and the rest of the groups are in English. This testimony is from Ptra Arlene Harayo of Libertad Butuan City: Nagpapasalamat ako sa panginoon personaly being as Ptr sa church sa mga INSTE Students ... Dahil Malaking Impact ang kanilang mga buhay sa church... Sila yong katuwang ng Ptr sa lahat ng mga gawain sa Church at sa mga outreaches... kahit saan ko sila ilagay mapa adult or youth bible study man, or sunday preaching, or sa children ministry... Napaka laking tulong ang INSTE sa Church ... Translation: I thank the Lord personally being as Ptr in the church to the INSTE Students... Because their lives have a big impact in the church... They are the Ptr's partner in all activities in the Church and in outreaches... everywhere I put them on the adult or youth Bible study map, or Sunday preaching, or in the children's ministry... INSTE is a great help to the Church... Following below is Another Testimony from Ptra Jane Antig of Matalam, N. Cotabato INSTE Impact in the Students -it is an instrument that God used to disciple, to equip and train church members(students) who are committed to help the church ministry. It also strengthens their spiritual discipline. I can also see transformation in their lives. INSTE Impact in our Local Church -There are some members in the church now who are also expressing their interest or desire to enroll INSTE because of what they have seen in the lives of the INSTE students now. So I told them to wait for the next batch. Moreover, because of INSTE it lessens the work load of the Pastor in the church because the students have their schedule in preaching in church and in the outreaches. Glory to God for having an INSTE program in OPEN BIBLE. There is no need to go in Bible School for our church members. Below is another Testimony by Ptr Alpe of Cabungan Pangasinan Pastor, gudpm po! Here is another testimony regarding to the impact of INSTE Program in every inste student here in OBCF Cabungan, Inste is a big big tool upon molding and equipping of leaders in church, every students i see a big result into their relationship unto the Lord, they have strong confident, they know their part in ministry as a starting point of being committed for the work of the Lord, they're familiar, rooted and increasing their knowledge about the word of God, i see also their Joy and excitement upon ministering. For the church through Inste more leaders are now rising up and leading in every church activity, through this Program i have more companion, the work is not hard but easy in doing our duty in outreaching, bible studies, cellgroup and other activities in the community. I could not express my grateful to God and Ptr. Raffy upon extending this program that is succed. God bless you all OPEN BIBLE families! Testimony from Ptra Wendy Balagot of Butuan City, Agusan del Norte INSTE is indeed a blessing. It meets our spiritual needs by deepening our understanding of God, historical events, and biblical figures, increasing our wisdom, and inspiring us to do more of what pleases God, especially in trying circumstances. Also, the preachers used several sermon formats. Additionally, it inspires students to read the Bible more thoroughly and learn more Scriptures by heart. As we continue on our spiritual path toward our ultimate destination in heaven. It is truly wonderful and a huge gain. We are grateful that GOD has provided us with this chance, along with Rev. Raphael Quinones, Director of INSTE. God alone is deserving of all praise.
05/30/2023 - Pastor Raffy Quiñones via Ricky Poon
Dear Nick and Leona, On the occasion of INSTE’s 40th anniversary celebration, I thank God for the opportunity to serve in the INSTE ministry under your leadership. I am indebted to Pastor Don Bryan who introduced me to you and who encouraged me to be involved in the INSTE Chinese translation. I witnessed God’s grace with the launching of the translation work at the INSTE Chinese Summit at Eugene Bible College in 2009, the first entry into China in 2014, the first Level 1 graduation in Taiwan and China in 2018 and in 2023, the completion of the translation of all 28 courses into Chinese. These are small beginnings and the future prospects are uncertain. There are over 1.3 billion Chinese speakers in China. I also continue to believe the Lord has a special place for INSTE among the 50 million or so of the Chinese Diaspora. Under the present circumstances, the words spoken to the church in Philadelphia provide hope, “I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name (Rev. 3:8 ESV).” Thank you, Nick and Leona, for being my Ezra. “For on the first day of the first month he began to go up from Babylonia, and on the first day of the fifth month he came to Jerusalem, for the good hand of his God was on him. For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the LORD, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel. (Ezra 7:9-10 ESV)” May the good hand of God be on you and on INSTE. Blessings, Ricky
05/30/2023 - Ricky Poon
Dear VENDITIS and the INSTE Bible College community, Warmest congratulations on reaching the incredible milestone of the 40th anniversary of INSTE Bible College! This remarkable achievement is a testament to your unwavering dedication and commitment to equipping individuals with a deeper understanding of God's Word. Over the past four decades, INSTE Bible College has left an indelible impact on countless lives, including my own. The comprehensive materials provided by INSTE have served as a guiding light, leading us to a profound and transformative insight into the Scriptures. The visionary leadership of the VENDITIS has been instrumental in shaping INSTE into the beacon of knowledge it is today. Your passion and tireless efforts have paved the way for spiritual growth, empowering believers to study the Bible with depth and authenticity. On a personal level, my journey with INSTE has been transformative. Through your teachings, I have gained a richer understanding of God's Word, unveiling layers of meaning and deepening my relationship with Him. INSTE has not only expanded my knowledge but also ignited a genuine desire to live out the principles found in Scripture. As you celebrate this momentous occasion, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the 40 years of impact that INSTE Bible College has made. Your commitment to excellence, faithfulness, and the transformation of lives is truly commendable. May your ministry continue to inspire and empower individuals for many more years to come. Congratulations again on this significant milestone, and thank you for the profound influence you have had on my spiritual journey. With deep appreciation and admiration, Isaac Apike Ghana, West Africa.
05/29/2023 - Isaac Apke
Dear VENDITIS and the INSTE Bible College community, Warmest congratulations on reaching the incredible milestone of the 40th anniversary of INSTE Bible College! This remarkable achievement is a testament to your unwavering dedication and commitment to equipping individuals with a deeper understanding of God's Word. Over the past four decades, INSTE Bible College has left an indelible impact on countless lives, including my own. The comprehensive materials provided by INSTE have served as a guiding light, leading us to a profound and transformative insight into the Scriptures. The visionary leadership of the VENDITIS has been instrumental in shaping INSTE into the beacon of knowledge it is today. Your passion and tireless efforts have paved the way for spiritual growth, empowering believers to study the Bible with depth and authenticity. On a personal level, my journey with INSTE has been transformative. Through your teachings, I have gained a richer understanding of God's Word, unveiling layers of meaning and deepening my relationship with Him. INSTE has not only expanded my knowledge but also ignited a genuine desire to live out the principles found in Scripture. As you celebrate this momentous occasion, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the 40 years of impact that INSTE Bible College has made. Your commitment to excellence, faithfulness, and the transformation of lives is truly commendable. May your ministry continue to inspire and empower individuals for many more years to come. Congratulations again on this significant milestone, and thank you for the profound influence you have had on my spiritual journey. With deep appreciation and admiration, Isaac Apike Level two graduate 2015 Ghana, West Africa
05/29/2023 - Isaac Apke
I started INSTE in 2002 and got the opportunity to meet Dr. Nick Vinditti in 2012 and got the training to become the national leader for INSTE in Ghana. I have been blessed by the content of the books and have trained several leaders and pastors for OPEN BIBLE Ghana. I opened the door for other churches to come and learn and the testimonies from other denominations was that OPEN BIBLE have something valuable we don't know because the content of the books especially the second level courses are awesome. Currently we have dynamic young pastors from INSTE who are doing well in ministry in Ghana. To the Vindittis your reward cannot be named or measured and your memories are eternal. Bravo,! What a life well lived. Emmanuel Asenso Boateng Ghana 🇬🇭 West Africa
05/29/2023 - Emmanuel Asenso
Dear Nick and Leona, We want to send you a special congratulations as you celebrate 40 years since the founding of INSTE! We are so grateful that we had the immense privilege of working with you in the INSTE office for six years during the beginning of our marriage. During the time we worked side by side we learned so many things from you. We so appreciate you taking the time to mentor us. We will never forget your example and your hard work for the Lord. You challenged us to always humbly seek God through the study of His Word. You did not just share information or concepts, but you shared your lives with us. Because of your faithfulness and obedience to the Lord, He has blessed you greatly and multiplied your influence thoughout the nations. We pray that you can rejoice as you remember what God has done and that you may finish your race well. We miss you and we love you. Many blessings, Caleb and Claudia Pahl
05/27/2023 - Caleb and Claudia Pahl
Nous sommes reconnaissants pour le ministère d'Inste qui a permis à des milliers de chrétiens en francophonie de se former au service et qui sont aujourd'hui une bénédiction pour l'église de Jésus-Christ. Un grand merci à Lena et Nick Venditti pour leur dévouement et fidélité au service du Seigneur durant toutes ces années, soyez bénis ! Caroline et José Dias pour Inste France
05/24/2023 - Dias Caroline et José
Nivelul dedicării voastre pentru maturizarea credincioșilor și a slujitorilor se vede din modul simplu și bine-gândit la care sunt cursurile INSTE. Dedicarea voastră pentru arătată în toți acești ani de credincioșie față de chemarea lui Dumnezeu este un exemplu și o inspirație pentru noi. Mulțumim pentru valoarea pe care voi ați adus-o Trupului lui Cristos prin aceste cursuri și ne rugăm ca Domnul să vă înnoiască puterile din zi în zi. Mult har și binecuvântare. Salutări și mulțumiri din România.
05/23/2023 - Bulzan
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Vendittis for the amazing work they have invested in the INSTE Bible College. The history of INSTE in Hungary began decades ago, when we started to translate and prepare for printing this training material in Hungarian. Shortly after that, the works of Russian materials also started here. From the beginning, Tammy Swailes was a huge supporter of this ministry, who devoted her life to planting this seed in as many hearts as possible, watering it and taking care of it over the years. She kept us informed of the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in this area of the world. This seed produces a very bountiful harvest in the nations, which only grows larger and larger as time passes by. Our hearts are very grateful for you, Nick and Leona. We thank you for your dedicated life and we wish you God's abundant blessings. Thank you, Tammy, for all of your support! May you be blessed and please give our warmest greetings to Nick and Leona if you meet them. Love, Ica and Zoli Koncz
05/20/2023 - Ilona Koncz
Words cannot express how proud I am to be involved with Inste - for decades now! Thank you for your work, your labor of love. Thank you for mentoring me - my life and ministry are better from having known you and watched you from near and far. I've been able to see the beauty of Inste make its mark on the lives of so many - in so many diverse countries and cultures. It truly is a gift to the Church that will continue to make its influence on the Kingdom of God for... I don't know! I think we'll only know its influence when we all get to heaven! Personally, you both have inspired me in so many ways. Your prayer life and thirst for knowledge are just two examples. Thank you for encouraging me in my academic studies, coming to visit us in Ukraine, pushing me out of my comfort zone, and allowing me to think and act out of the traditional patterns when needed. Sandy Courtney was right, when she told me back as I was headed off to OBC, "You're going to like Dr. J!" ...little did she know how much richer the "flavor" would become when Nick came along! A bit of spicy with the sweetness! I love you guys! Congratulations on 40 (41) years of Inste! To God be the glory! Слава Богу! Tammy
05/19/2023 - Tammy Swailes
Вітаємо з ювілеєм! Дякуємо за це навчання, цей дорогоцінний скарб! Радіємо, що є частиною великої родини!
05/15/2023 - ???? ? ????

05/13/2023 - ?????? ??????
Queremos darle muchas grasias al Senor por darnos esta oportunidad de estudiar su palabra hemos recibido mucha bendicion atravez de Inste donde me gradue y he reibido mis credenciales Ministeriales sirviendo al Senor en su obra en las Misiones llevando contenedores a Honduras El Salvador y Republica Dominicana grasias a todas los hermanos que siempre nos ayuda Lena y Vicent que fueron los instrumentos para poder estudiar su preciosa palabra labor tan linda como la ensenanza de la palabra de Dios dando esos libros de estudio tan claros en sus ensenanzas como alumna de Inste estoy mas que agradecida por todos mis profesores de todos los niveles de Hialeah Fl . Raquel Martinez Evelyn Azel Juan Martin y mi muy amada Pastora y Decana mi amiga Rebecca Cajigas mentora y un gran ejemplo a seguir una mujer intrega en todo su ministerio ahora ya en la presencia de Dios muchas veces nos vistaron Lena y Vicent cuando llegaban a nuestra iglesia les amamos y deseamos que sigan porque el trabajo en el Senor no ha sido en vano somos muchos los frutos que hemos seguido adelante con Cristo muchas grasias nuevamente y que el Senor los colme de muchas mas bendiciones y con mucha salud les amamos Luis y Bruceli Ramos
05/10/2023 - Bruceli Ivette y Luis Ramos
Glory be to the Risen Lord of Heaven and the Earth. It is great please to receive and organize INSTE in Burkina Faso a West African country. Many bothers and sisters are blessed with the program and we are praying to be able to extend it in the country wherever the Lord will lead us to. We pray also the headquarter staff and for all the groups in all the countries as well. Good bless you and continue to use INSTE.
05/09/2023 - Bruno ZOUNGRANA
Ник и Леона, поздравляю вас с такой датой. Благодарю Бога, что много лет была частью команды и трудилась вместе с вами в ИНСТЕ. И спасибо вам за Темми😉 она отличный начальник и благодаря ИНСТЕ стала мне родным человеком. 💛💙
05/09/2023 - Olga Ostrovskaya
Слава Богу за ИНСТЕ! Спасибо!
05/09/2023 - ????
Дорогие Ник и Леона! Дорогие наши брат и сестра! Как описать словами наши чувства к вам! Спасибо, во-первых, за ИНСТЕ! Это супер учение и прекрасный институт, который помог и помогает тысячам верующих открывать для себя глубины Слова Божьего! Это мы знаем уже более 20 лет, работая вместе с вами в Украине. И тысячи наших студентов согласятся со нами. Качество учения и материалы, собранные вами, удивительны. Такого института больше нет нигде. Но мы бы хотели выразить вам благодарность и за то, кем вы являетесь для нас. Мы помним каждую встречу с вами, вашу доброту и человечность. Очень любим вас и ожидаем новую встречу. Спасибо вам за все 40 лет, посвященных служению Царству Божьему и всем верующим через ИНСТЕ! Спасибо за дружбу и ваши молитвы. С любовью, Юра и Лена, Украина.
05/06/2023 - ????? ????????
Щиро вітаю вас з нагоди такого чудового свята! Дякую за можливість вивчати ретельно Слово Боже! Божих благословінь !
05/02/2023 - ?????
Hank and Sharon Drewfs wish to add our sincere congratulations to the wonderful INSTE family which we have been part of for nearly thirty years. Our church in Bend, Oregon was an early stateside participant in both first and second level programs, and we were always encouraged whenever Tammy Swailes and the Vendittis came to Oregon to help us. Many of our graduates have served, and continue to serve, not only as deacons and elders locally but also as pastors and missionaries at home and abroad. And, on the personal side, we continually thank the Lord for the tremendous blessing INSTE has been to the two of us and to our family as well.
05/01/2023 - Hank and Sharon Drewfs
Вітаю ! Дякую за працю ! Божих благословінь !
05/01/2023 - Kostyantin
Справа вашого життя є благословенням Божим, дякую вам за вашу вірність і наполегливість у прямуванні за нашим Господом Ісусом Христом що також є прикладом і для нас. Оберемок Валерій.
04/30/2023 - Valeriy
Вітаю Вас і всю родину Інсте з цим ювілеєм.Хочу подякувати за титанічну працю і глобальний досвід,яким ви ділитесь і надихаєте служителів по всьому світу.Для мене це неймовірна кількість знань і одкровень,якими я буду служити Богу і людям.Хай Господь благословить Вас!
04/29/2023 - ?????? ??????
La familia Inste España, felicitamos a los doctores Nicolás y Lena Benditti por la celebración del 40 aniversario de Inste. Oramos para que este sueño que Dios puso en el corazón de Lena siga creciendo y entendiéndose en todas las naciones, como hasta ahora lo ha hecho. Nicolás y Lena os amamos en Cristo. Javier Gimeno,director Inste España.
04/28/2023 - Javier Gimeno
Estamos muy agradecidos al Instituto Bíblico INSTE por ser una herramienta importantísima para la formación de obreros y pastores para la extensión del Reino de Dios. Felicidades por estos 40 años de servicio fiel. En Cristo Jesús, Daniel Adams Biblia Abierta España
04/27/2023 - Daniel Adams
Дякую за чудово розроблений курс інсте!). Для мене навчання є великим благословінням. Хай Господь воздасть вам своїми благословіннями)))
04/27/2023 - ??????
Вітаю зі святом!Дякую за все,Ваша робота,праця Вашого життя дуже важлива для мене.Навчатись в ІНСТе для мене честь.❤️🌹 Дякую!
04/27/2023 - Larisa
Going through the 2 year INSTE program with my wife, together with our tight community of friends at Jubilee Fellowship Church was a lasting blessing in our lives. What an amazing way to dig deeper and discover God’s plans for us! Thank you, INSTE!!
04/27/2023 - Daniel Dick
Dear Nick and Lena, congratulations to you both on this incredible milestone of 40 years! Thank you also for practicing what you preach and for modeling for Cammy and me what relational and multiplicational ministry can look like. Your investment in us then and your continued check-ins over the years demonstrate your commitment to LIVE the principles and calling that INSTE equips us in. Nations have been served and drawn, and your reward awaits. Much love, DJ & Cammy Smith
04/26/2023 - DJ Smith
Muchas felicitaciones a Lena y Nicolás por su arduo trabajo atravez de Inste. Ustedes son un instrumento muy Preciado que nuestro Padre Celestal a usado para prepararnos a muchos para aprender a compartir la nueva de salvación a los perdidos Dios le continué bendiciendo ricamente.❤️
04/26/2023 - Dolores De Jesús
I had the privilege to witness INSTE’s birth in Spain and to meet Dr. Leona and Dr Nick . I became a student on a later stage and was absolutely amazed at the inductive system to learn ant teach the Scriptures created by Dr Leona . I’ve been blessed by this wonderful ministry where Bible teaching became a life-changing experience to me and those I’ve had the opportunity to pastor and collaborate with in ministry. Congratulations On your 40th anniversary and your great accomplishment of making Christ-like disciples. Pastor Rudy Loyola
04/26/2023 - Rody Loyola
Felicito a los doctores Nicolás y Lena Venditti por su gran obra fundadora INSTE en la cual me siento muy afortunada de participar como alumna. Enriqueciendo mi vida espiritual con el estudio de la Palabra de Dios de una forma muy amena y edificante al compartir con mis compañeros de estudio los aprendizajes. Gracias por tan hermosa labor!! Dios les bendiga!
04/20/2023 - Teresa de Jesús Romero Collins
Congratulations on INSTE's 40th anniversary! I am an ex- student from Fount of Life Outreach Ministries in Perth Australia. I completed the certificate course in Descipleship which helped me to have a proper understanding of my walk as a desciple of Christ Jesus.
04/20/2023 - Dayani Perera
Conoci INSTE a finales de 2009... esta herramienta me acerco a La Palabra de una forma diferente. Y entonces Dios, a traves de su Palabra me transformó... consolidó en mi la identidad que no se había terminado de formar hasta entonces y así experimente una forma completamente distinta de concebir la vida y enfrentar todo lo que esta conlleva. ¡Gloria al Padre por los hermanos Venditti y por todo el pueblo de Dios que ha sido parte de esta poderosa herramienta!
04/20/2023 - Citlali Alvarez
Doctores Nicolás y Lena Venditti Los amamos y estamos eternamente agradecidos con Dios por sus vidas. 4 décadas de ministerio es un logro impresionante! Felicidades! Y que con el favor y la gracia de nuestro Señor cumplan muchos muchos muchos muchos más !
04/20/2023 - Edgar Figueroa
The church I pastored in Spokane was the pilot program for INSTE in English. It provided an opportunity to receive a quality Bible education for those who would otherwise never have been able to do so. INSTE raised the bar of biblical and theological literacy for our church workers and church planters. We are so very grateful to Nick and Leona’s labor of love that has had such a major impact for the cause of Christ around the world.
04/19/2023 - Monte LeLaCheur
The legacy of INSTE and the power of a sound biblical foundation is evident in the current life of our church. Both of our Lead Pastor’s Josh and Melissa Stelly (who happen to be married now) received their early training in ministry in INSTE. The ministry of Turning Point and every bit of its fruit for the Kingdom of God has roots in INSTE. Thank you Nick and Leona. I am so grateful for your commitment to train disciples globally in the Word of God. I, myself, loved my years in INSTE. With great respect, Amy Jo LeLaCheur
04/19/2023 - Amy Jo LeLaCheur
Agradezco a Dios por la vida de los iniciadores del Seminario Biblico INSTE Hnos Vendetti, son 40 años de vida, servicio y propositos alcanzados. Dios les guarde y que siga la buena cosecha para la gloria de nuestro Sr. Jesucristo
INSTE nació en el corazón de nuestro Amado Padre Celestial, Lena y Nicolás Vendetti aceptaron el llamado, para que el plan de Dios se cumpliera, obreros de valor. INSTE para mi es un instrumento útil, que nos da herramienta para nuestro caminar con Cristo, durante mis 6 años en el Seminario fui confrontada por la Palabra, aprendí cual es mi llamado, hablar a otros de Jesús sin enojarme saber cuando hablar y cuando callar, mis compañeros de grupo más que hermanos son mis amigos, INSTE me capacito para la obra de Dios. Gracias Lena y Nicolás Vendetti 1 Corintios 15:58
04/18/2023 - Consuelo Buchillon
Estoy muy agradecido con Dios por Inste. Gracias Nicolas y Lena y todo tu equipo por servir a la Iglesia del Señor con tanto esmero, diligencia y sacrificio . Un fuerte abrazo desde Honduras
04/17/2023 - Hector Sanabria
Bendiciones, les saludo con mucho cariño, felicidades a Lena Janzen y Nicolás Venditti, por sus 40 años, gracias a Dios por sus esfuerzos, sacrificios, desvelos, arduo trabajo, gracias por dedicarle todo este tiempo, a nosotros, los sedientos del estudio de Su Palabra, gracias por sus vidas y su propio testimonio, Dios continúe en ustedes este maravilloso ministerio, un abrazo fraterno para cada uno, Dios los guarde
04/16/2023 - Martha A San Martin R
Muchas felicidades a los Doctores. Lena y Nicolás Bendito. Dios les continúe bendiciendo y cumplan muchos años más. Reciban un abrazo desde Aguascalientes, Ags. México.
Le doy gracias a Dios por la vida de nuestros hermanos Lena y Nicolas Venditti, por este precioso trabajo que me ha llevado a un conocimiento más profundo de la palabra del Señor. Es una herramienta que quien se atreve a estudiar en este instituto, hay una transformación en su vida y ministerio. Sin duda, Inste prepara al discípulo de Cristo para esa buena obra que Dios preparó de antemano. Felicidades queridos hermanos!!!!! Sea toda la gloria para Dios!!!
04/15/2023 - Rosy Mojarro
Queridos Doctores Venditti: Fue un honor haberlos conocido en la casa de los Pastores Vera en el año 2008. Recuerdo a Lena dándome la información de INSTE mientras tomábamos el cafecito de la Pastora María. Yo había confesado mi fe en Jesús solos unos meses atrás, e INSTE paso a ser parte de mi formación, disciplina y la herramienta que Dios usaría para despertar un amor por la palabra. Fue una trayectoria increíble, dado a su diseño entre alumnos, maestros y mentores. Le doy gracias a Dios por la sabiduría que plasmo en los doctores Venditti y doy gracias por su obediencia. Que en esta etapa de celebración, que el Señor les permita apreciar el impacto que su ardua labor y oración ha tenido en la vida de miles de personas. Oro, que este ministerio siga adelante en el plan perfecto de nuestro Dios. Felicidades!
04/15/2023 - America Rodriguez
Tuve el honor y placer de conocer a los hermanos Venditti, en su visita a nuestra iglesia, Restauración Ágape, en Guadalajara, en la zona Centro, donde ellos, nos hablaron de INSTE. Años después, iniciamos con INSTE, en RestauraSión Ágape, Pinar de la Calma, iglesia que mi esposo Yong Tae Park y yo pastoreamos, bajo la cobertura de nuestros Pastores Jonás Villalobos e Imelda Ramírez, por 14 años, (Ahora, somos misioneros enviados a E.U., por nuestra iglesia) Actualmente, tenemos 3 grupos de INSTE en la iglesia Madre, por así llamarla, porque lo es, y un grupo en la Penal. No puedo yo, expresar con palabras, el agradecimiento que hay en mi corazón por el increíble ministerio de INSTE, mi mentora Beverly Abel, opina que fue ideado por la mente de un genio, ya que el aprendizaje del 2do. Nivel, combina la experiencia del mentor, con la enseñanza del curso... y eso no se encuentra en un instituto teológico normal! Por mi parte, mis grupos y yo, hemos disfrutado al máximo, cada curso, hemos llorado, reído y hemos sido inspirados y empoderados, para ser instrumentos quizás, más útiles al Señor! Dios les retribuya abundantemente, a todos Uds. Que hacen posible que INSTE siga adelante!
04/15/2023 - Lilia Flores de Park
Apreciados hermanos y maestros de la bendita palabra de Dios. Agradezco a Dios por sus vidas. Gracias por ser obedientes al llamado de Dios. DIOS USÓ INSTE PARA CAMBIAR MI VIDA Y SACARME DE UNA VIDA RELIGIOSA Y EGOÍSTA. BENDICIONES Y FELICIDADES
04/14/2023 - Julián Pauth Martinez
Estoy muy agradecida con Dios por la vida de ustedes, para mí INSTE ha sido una bendición muy grande y estoy convencida que esté ministerio que comenzaron hace 40 años con tanto amor, ha dado y seguirá dando mucho fruto. Felicidades
04/14/2023 - Rocío Rodríguez Andrade
Estimados Nick y Lenna no hay duda que la asignación dada por Dios a sus Vidas es de incalculable beneficio al Cuerpo de Cristo en todo el mundo. Muchas gracias por escuchar, obedecer y dar su Vida a esta gran labor. No puedo omitir mi gratitud ante su calidez humana, amor de FAMILIA y cuidado para aquellos a quienes han mentoreado. !!!Feliz Aniversario #40 !!! Mi vida no es la misma después de estudiar INSTE. Se abieron mis ojos y mi corazón al escudriñar la Palabra con tan acertada ayuda.
04/14/2023 - Claudia Sorto
Agradezco a dios por sus vidas que han sido de gran bendición para muchas personas que han decidido estudiar la palabra de Dios y que se han formado a través de la teología en inste y ahora lo aplicamos para llegar a otros para mí ha sido muy provechoso ya que desde que Cristo llegó a mi vida yo decidí aprender más de él y llegó la opción de estudiar este seminario por extensión lo cual como madre de tres hijos y ama de casa trabajadora independiente en mi consultorio puedo hacerlo y con la ayuda de Dios ya estamos cursando el libro de Juan ya por concluir así que pues les mando muchas felicitaciones y un gran abrazo desde Aguascalientes Aguascalientes México Dios los bendiga y que sigan impactando con estos estudios a muchas personas Ese es mi deseo
04/14/2023 - Belén González
Felicidades y bendiciones a los doctores y hermanos en Cristo Lena Janzen y Nicolás Venditti por su arduo trabajo en los planes de Dios, gracias ppr dejarse llevar por las palabras de Cristo, nuestro salvador, tanto yo como la iglesia en la que Dios me ha puesto nos hemos visto bendecido por Inste que es un magnifico curso de discipulado. Pedimos a Dios nuestro padre siga bendiciendo su vida por muchos años mas.
04/14/2023 - Israel Salgado
Muchas felicidades por estos 40 años!! Enormemente bendecida a través de este ministerio! Recuerdo en mis inicios de convertida (más de 20 años) el Señor me dio una palabra de que usaría mi vida para predicar Su Palabra pero que me preparara, cuando Inste llegó a nuestra iglesia Centro familiar cristiano aquí en La Paz, bcs, supe que debía tomarlo! Tuve la oportunidad de cursar los dos niveles y graduarme , para la gloria de Dios a lo largo de todos mis estudios en Inste mi visión de la iglesia cambio, el ministerio tomó nuevo sentido y pude conocer más profundamente al Dios que sirvo! hoy sigo coordinando inste desde sus inicios y me muevo en los dones que Dios me dió y efectivamente, la palabra que me dio se ha cumplido, predicó la palabra sistemáticamente en nuestra iglesia y enseñó a otros a desarrollar lo que Dios les ha dado. Dios ha sido y es siempre bueno!! Toda la gloria para El! En hora buena! Bendiciones!
04/14/2023 - Lorena Ruiz de la Toba
Estimados hermanos Venditti: Doy gracias a Dios por la forma en que los ha usado, los está usando y los seguirá usando. Lo que más me edifica de este estudio es cómo nos van guiando a leer y tener como principal recurso la lectura constante de la Palabra de Dios, no se trata sólo de saber, quizás no he retenido de memoria toda la información, pero el gran impacto que ha hecho en mi vida es cómo ha ido moldeando mi forma de ser y mi deseo por servir a mi prójimo. Ustedes son oro en las manos de Dios!!! Un abrazo de su alumna Marlyn Pérez, desde Nicaragua. Estudiante de II Nivel
04/14/2023 - Marlyn Pérez
Doy gracias a Dios por la vida de los doctores venditti y por su ministerio conocí inste en mi iglesia por una hermana que ya está en la mansión celestial,para mí vida ha sido una gran bendición ahora yo estoy como mentora dando lo que recibí a un grupo de 2 nivel a Dios sea la gloria por haber permitido llegar a inste.anai Gamboa
04/14/2023 - Ana Isabel Gamboa hernandez
Gracias a Dios por sus vidas. INSTE ha sido un fuego que quemó mi legalismo denominacional. Bendiciones
04/14/2023 - Julián Pauth Martinez
Hola buenas tardes Dios les bendiga, felicidades a los doctores Venditti, damos gracias a Dios, y por este maravilloso ministerio que ha sido de mucha bendición para mi vida, dónde he aprendido a conocer y amar a Dios de una manera profunda y donde mi vida ha cambiado mucho gracias a INSTE, es una herramienta poderosa y muy accesible para todos, les mando un abrazo enorme con mucho cariño y respeto, Dios les bendiga siempre!!!
04/14/2023 - Alma
Hola buen días y muchas felicidades a los creadores de INSTE, el Dr Nicolás y Lena Venditti, un exelente progama para edificar y guiar a los creyentes a un ministero o a su edificación gracias y Felicidades
04/14/2023 - Jocabet Valadez juarez
Nuestro Dios siga bendiciendo sus vidas apreciados Vendetti, que siga en ustedes ese querer como el hacer por su buena voluntad, Él les siga revelando su Palabra para bendición de todos nosotros.
Para mí es un tremendo orgullo y placer felicitar los 40 Aniversario del Seminario Bíblico INSTE y a sus fundadores Drs. Lena y Nicolas Venditti por su contribución a la expansión del Evangelio por el mundo entero. Yo estoy sumamente agradecido a Dios por haber sido parte juntamente con muchos otros siervos de esta tremenda herramienta para proclamar las Buenas Nuevas de Salvación. De nuevo, gracias a los hermanos Venditti por décadas de consagración al Servicio de Dios.
04/14/2023 - Pastor Jose Manuel Vera
Le doy gracias a Dios por nuestros queridos hermanos Lena y Nicolás Venditti a los cuales Dios ha usado para instruirnos en su Palabra de forma efectiva a través de INSTE El Señor los honre permitiendo que vean el fruto de su trabajo Los saludo desde Hermosillo, Sonora donde trabajo activamente como mentor de este bello ministerio Para Dios sea la gloria
04/14/2023 - Jocabeth Ramos
Muchas felicidades a INSTE, por sus 40 años. Le doy Gloria a Dios, por la vida de los pastores Lena y Nicolás Bendito. Por este maravilloso material. Y deseo que muchas más personas sean bendecidas, al igual que yo lo soy.
04/14/2023 - Judith Alvarez
Apreciados hermanos que el señor bendiga sus vida y los sigua usando grandemente a tra vez del estudio .para mi a bendecido mi vida a tra vez del estudio aprendiendo mas de su palabra y poder desarrollo mas conocimiento para sevir mejor en obra del señor felicidades bendiciones .Francis franco de Nicaragua 14/4/2023
04/14/2023 - Francis franco
04/14/2023 - Ligia Gonzalez
Felicidades en éste 40 aniversario de INSTE. Fue una gran bendición en nuestras vidas estudiar en el instituto y estaremos eternamente agradecidos al Señor por las vidas de Nick y Lena. Que Dios los siga bendiciendo siempre, LOS AMAMOS. Fidel e Ivis TBA
04/12/2023 - Fidel Rodríguez
Muchas felicidades amados hermanos Nick & Lena Venditti por el 40 Aniversario de INSTE! Sus vidas han sido una inspiración para el cuerpo de Cristo en diferentes lugares! Agradecidos por su arduo esfuerzo y dedicación en el precioso ministerio de enseñanza de la palabra de Dios. “Vuestro trabajo en la obra del Señor no ha sido en vano!!!
04/12/2023 - Jorge & Magdalena Urra
Muchísimas felicidades por 40 años de fundado. INSTE es una bendición en mi vida personal y espiritual… Estoy muy emocionada por comenzar el 3er libro del Primer Nivel el ANTIGUO TESTAMENTO… Gracias por esta increíble herramienta … Dios los bendiga mucho y que sean muchísimos años más !!!
04/11/2023 - Claudia Pacheco TBA
Hello, my name is Aida Leyva Fontaines and I graduated from INSTE first level in 2017. I belong to TBA in Miami with the pastors Pablo and Ximena Urra.I want to congratulate you on the 40th Anniversary of INSTE.I want to leave you with my favorite verse from the Bible:Luke1:37. Blessings🙏♥️
04/11/2023 - Aida Leyva Fontaines
Forty years and hundreds of disciples, congratulations. Thank you Drs. Nick, Leona and staff for the countless hours writing and editing twenty-eight courses. INSTE is a gift to the Body of Christ that we all are blessed studying each course. Helping each of us become disciples of Christ. Just a thank you does not seem to express the depth of gratitude for both of you. Blessings, Keith Odoms
04/10/2023 - Keith Odoms
Thank you for the opportunity to not just learn more about our Lord but to learn how to use the talents and abilities I have been given. I was part of the first USA English graduation class. I have since went on the facilitate a few classes. During the first course, I found out I was created to think differently. This showed up, and continues to show up, when I ask a question and the group becomes silent. the silence is because the students need to process my question in their lives before they can answer the question asked. this would not have been possible without you and INSTE. Thank you greatly and from the bottom of my heart. Because of INSTE I have started the work necessary to gain my pastoral credentials. I will use INSTE as a tool to continue to influence others toward the purposes of God for them. Thank you is not enough, Yet there is not any word better than thank you.
04/10/2023 - Sherryl James
Congratulations on 40 years! I will forever be grateful for the work INSTE has done in my life, preparing me for lifelong ministry! I am also forever grateful for INSTE taking me to Hungary & Eastern Europe! Thank you for being faithful to disciple others! May God continue to use INSTE to prepare His Church for His purposes. Many blessings on you all!
04/06/2023 - Bethany Page
Mis estudios en el INSTE han sido de gran bendición a mi vida, me sirvieron motivación para seguir aprendiendo de la Palabra de Dios y ahora enseñarla, le dio sentido a mi vida! Dios los siga llenando de bendiciones!
04/03/2023 - Claudia Gómez
Muchas felicidades por estos 40 años, mi esposa y yo tenemos ya 3 años estudiando en inste y ha sido de gran bendición en nuestras vidas no solo en el crecimiento de conocimiento sino en el espiritual, además que ha sido un momento de tiempo juntos reforzando nuestro matrimonio y crecimiento en el ministerio.
03/31/2023 - Ixcoatl Flores
Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of INSTE! Drs. Nick and Leona Venditti have given their ALL to birth this program, maintain it and spread it all over the world! As pastors, INSTE was an integral part of our church in discipling believers! It was really our "small groups" program before small groups were popular! I personally gained so much from watching people grow in the Lord and become victorious leaders! Thank you for blessing Open Bible and the Kingdom of God!
03/16/2023 - Kristine Beaird
Drs. Nick and Leona Venditi and IGBC staff we congratulate you all for the 40th Anniversary of INSTE. We praise God for allowing Open Bible to be the birth place for the vital training and discipleship program which has truthly impacted the nations of the world. Thank you all for your dedication and sacrifice! Vince & Lois McCarthy
03/07/2023 - Vince McCarty
¡Muchas felicidades en este 40 aniversario de INSTE! Amados hermanos Drs Nick y Lena Venditti, agradecidos a Dios por sus vidas, no solo por como han sido usados por Dios al discipular a tantas personas a través del programa de Inste, sino por sus testimonios, por el amor que les caracteriza, y por ser mentores para tantos y un ejemplo digno de imitar, Gracias por haber obedecido al llamado de Dios y seguir inspirándonos a pelear la batalla de la fe, a seguir corriendo la carrera y... terminarla bien! Les amamos Pablo & Ximena (¡Tienen un Superior!: Ustedes entienden :) ) Dios les continue bendiciendo
03/04/2023 - Ximena Urra