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The steps below outline how to start INSTE Global in your local church. Discipleship and leadership formation is best learned through relationships. That's why our methodology is built around small groups within the context of a church community. INSTE Global combines information acquisition with discussion groups that foster practical application of biblical principles.

Step 1

Check with your church about forming a group of 4 to 10 believers interested in studying the Bible together.
Step 2

Ask your church to sponsor a person to be trained to lead the study group.
Step 3

The group leader will form the group.
Step 4

Receive the materials and enjoy!


Admission to the Certificate Program

Requirements for admission to the Certificate Program include being a born-again believer, faithfulness in attendance and service to his/her local church and at least 16 years old. INSTE Global does not require a secondary education diploma for enrollment in the Certificate Program. However, to be able to benefit from these studies, the applicant to the Certificate Program must be able to read and comprehend the INSTE Global courses. The signature of the pastor or group leader certifies that the applicant fulfills the above requirements for study.

Admission to the Diploma Program

Admission to the Diploma Program is dependent on successful completion of the Certificate Program. In some cases, a person who does not have a high school diploma, but has shown his/her ability to benefit from INSTE Global studies, and fulfills the requisites listed below, will be admitted to the Diploma Program. This policy is based on the belief that God equips persons for leadership by gifting them, and that success in the Diploma Program can be predicated on the student's progress in the Certificate Program.


INSTE Global is not like other programs that require the leader to prepare lectures, or be the "sage on the stage." The academic material to be learned in INSTE Global is in the interactive text. Group meetings are focused on dynamic reflection on the content studied during the week. That is why the major focus in group training is on group interaction.

  1. Apply for certification training. Download one of the application forms below and submit it by fax/email/mail.
  2. Study the Group Leader Manual following the five-day plan.
  3. Discuss it with a small group of leaders in your church.
  4. Take the test proctored by a leader in your church.
  5. Receive your certification. See the different levels of certifications below.
  6. Talk via phone or e-mail with an INSTE Global representative who will coach you on how to get started.
  7. Recruit and enroll your group using the promotional materials we send you.

Application Forms


Low Cost

INSTE's costs are far below comparative costs at other institutions. There is no need to go deeply in debt to prepare for Christian service.

Certificate Program

The total cost of our Certificate Program, including enrollment fees, fees, tuition and books, and shipping is $384. This program consists of 4 courses as described in the catalog and on the website. Upon successful completion, the student will receive the Certificate of Christian Ministry. The cost of each Certificate courses is $96.

Diploma Program

The total cost of the Diploma Program, including enrollment fees, fees, tuition and books, and shipping is $5,760. The Diploma program consists of 24 courses as described in the catalog and on the website. Upon successful completion of the Diploma Program, the student will receive the Diploma in Bible and Theology. The cost of each Diploma courses is $240.

Tuition covers costs of student enrollment, administration and supervision of the courses, grading exams and reporting of grades to the group leaders.

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