Diploma Program Forms

Application for Admission
This form must be filled out by all first-time INSTE students. It must be submitted in order for a student to be accepted in the Diploma Program.

Course Enrollment Form
This form must be filled out and signed for each course by each student.

Book Order Form
A book order form must be submitted for each church-based group along with payment and an application and/or enrollment form for each student.

Application for Visiting Students (For Visiting Students only)
Visiting Students may take a maximum of three courses before they are required to fulfill all of the requirements for admission as normal students.

Petition to Audit
Only one person per group may audit. Any exception must be approved by the Office of the Registrar.

Intent to Graduate Form
All candidates for graduation must complete this form whether or not they are able to attend the graduation ceremony.

Mentor Data Sheet
This form accompanies the student's application.

Petition for Experimental Credit
Students with at least 10 years of ministry experience may submit this form in order to earn Beyond Academics credit.

Petition for Reexamination
For permission to retake the final exam this form must be filled out and submitted.

Petition for Time Extension
Submit this form in order to request a time extension of three months. Each student in the group must submit this form.

Permission to Review Course
An INSTE graduate (Level One or Level Two) may review a course previously studied without cost provided there is room in the group.

Scholarship Assistance
This form must be filled out by the student and the group leader.

Application for Diploma Program DLT
For those wishing to facilitate Level 2 courses.

Leader Evaluation of the Course
This evaluation will be filled out for each course.

Student Evaluation of the Course
This evaluation will be filled out for each course.

Evaluation of the Student by Ministry Mentor
Evaluation of the student by the Ministry Mentor



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